What is IndiPod ?
Design, manufacture, deliver and install off-site manufactured bathroom pods for large construction projects. Turn-key bathroom solutions, designed and tailor-made to meet specific project needs.

Tailor-made design to suit client specifications
> Compatible with most project categories including hotels, hospitals, student accommodation, residential and commercial towers and large villa projects

Deliver completed bathroom units
> In-built flooring, walls and ceiling
> Sanitary fittings and fixtures
> Plumbing and electrical system
About Precast Stairs
> Stair moulds or combined stairs and landing units have a smooth, quality finish.
> Factory produced using a steel fully-adjustable stair moulding system.
> ISO standards are applied during the manufacture of the stairs and landing units to produce a high quality product.
> The mould has a length of 5m and a width of 4m. > Both sides of the mould can be opened and closed manually.
What is AcoTEC ?
A compact, highly automated line that is based on a stationary extruder and is designed to produce hollow-core light-weight non-load-bearing wall elements.
> Requires as little as 900 m² of space.
> Makes panels that are non-reinforced as standard, but can also be manu factured with safety wiring to tolerate rough conditions.
> Fast production for a short payback time.
> Easy to use and maintain.

Acotec Is an Advantage
> For areas with a high degree of moisture: e.g. bathrooms, kitchens, shower rooms.
> Where good sound insulation is needed: e.g. apartments, hotels, schools.
> Also with colored concrete, e.g. for fences and boundary walls
Structural Precast Wideslab from IndiPod
Structural Precast Wideslab from IndiPod Wideslab is a solid precast slab, which is pre-stressed to provide excellent span/ ratio depth. The standard slab width is 2400mm and available in depths of 80, 100, 125, 150 and 175 mm depths its load capacity. Maximum spans are about 8.5m, depending on loads. This is an innovative manufacture and installation solution that uses off-site construction technology to maximize construction efficiency.

> Wideslab can be used as both flooring and walls panels.
> Structural wideslab is often used for offices and apartments where floor construction depths need to be minimized.
> They can accommodate large loading requirements for developments such as car parks or plant rooms.
> Superior soffit finish ideal as finished surface.
> Modular width of 2400mm reduces number of joints and erection time.
> Shallow floor construction reduces floor –to-floor height.
> Composite action enhances structural integrity and robustness.
> A lattice girder can be used, which increases the spanning capabilities of the unit and robustness of the flooring system.